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The Choir

Imagine an organization in which teens, tweens, boomers and zoomers happily mingle!  The Greater Moncton Chorale's membership ranges in age from 15 - 75.  No generation gap exists in the lifelong activity of singing.

The Greater Moncton Chorale was founded in the fall of 1987, and several of the original members are still part of the choir.  We also enjoy an influx of new singers every year, ensuring the continued vitality of our group.  In fact, we're currently one of the largest choruses in the province of New Brunswick with 100+ members!

No audition is required to join the Greater Moncton Chorale.  We pride ourselves on being a teaching organization in which everyone, regardless of musical background, can become a confident chorister.  Some of our members are graduates of university music programs, and others are complete novices.  Practice tracks produced by the choir director level the playing field between music readers and those who learn new songs by ear. 

The Greater Moncton Chorale sings virtually all styles of music, including classical, seasonal, gospel, international folk, pop, Broadway, madrigals, and works by today's leading choral composers.  We perform with live instrumental accompaniment provided by professional musicians, whether it be a piano, percussion ensemble, jazz band, or chamber orchestra.  

The Greater Moncton Chorale is a Registered Canadian Charity. Each year, we donate to local charitable organizations out of our concert proceeds.